Thursday, 19 April 2012

Role of Statistics in Real Life Reflection

My Points of View: Statistics is used in surveys and experiments in real life. Economics, accounting, business, banking also require the use of statistics.

Purpose of Thinking: The goal is to draw a conclusion based on the response by gathering, classifying, tabulating, analysing and interpreting the data.

Question at Issue: The two main classified errors of statistics are random and systematic errors. Random errors are errors in measurement. There may be a mistakes in the gathering data, like wrongly counted responses. Systematic errors are biases in measurement. For example, when we use tools of measurement in our experiments, zero error may occur. Zero error is when the zero is not aligned with the start of your designated object to be measured.

Information: Without statistics, there is no record of data such as money earned, preferences and habits of customers and customers themselves are unknown in the world of business. There may also be an economic downturn due to the lack of essential data such as country and world population. Without these data, the government is unable to cater to the country's needs. For example, when there is a natural disaster, the government is unable to know how many shelters to build for the homeless.

Interpretation and Inference: For the questions in issue, averaging large numbers of readings can reduce random error. Systematic error cannot be reduce in this manner but can be eliminated if sources are known.

Concepts: The goal is to draw a conclusion based on the response by gathering, classifying, tabulating, analysing and interpreting the data. We tabulate the data in graphs and tables. The different forms of graphs and tables are pictograms, bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs, frequency tables, histograms, stem and leave diagrams and dot diagrams.

Assumptions: The art of statistics is also taken for granted. One such misuse is when the data is in favour of the presenter. The public may also lose trust in such studies when contradictory in the data of the presenter shows.

Implications and Complications: The role of statistics in real life is important. However, we must know how to gather, classify, tabulate, analyse and interpret data. At the same time, we must not false the data.

Done By: Matthea Koh (6) S1-07

Friday, 30 December 2011

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This is my Digital Favourites Collage. Out of all these online applications in my collage, I would pick Google as without it, I would not have even discovered the other applications. Google also allows me to search for information about everything and anything, it is like an online encyclopedia! Like an encyclopedia, it feeds me with information that broadens my mind. "Yes, I did it!"

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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Task 2a

View Larger MapThis is the route from my house to SST.
It is similar but my exact route is:

Bus 53- From my house to Nex Shopping Mall/Serangoon MRT station
MRT- Circle Line- From Serangoon station to Buona Vista station
MRT- East West Line- From Buona Vista station to Dover station
Bus 147/196/185/105- From Dover MRT station to Opposite SST

Apart from the suggested routes, what other information does Google Maps provide that helps you plan your journey to school? 
Google Maps provide me with important information such as the total time taken for me to travel to school. This gives a guide on planning my routine for next year. Google Maps also inform me about the traffic conditions. This is essential for me as I take public transport and I need to find out if the time taken for me to travel to school is affected by heavy traffic.

How useful and reliable do you think are the information that Google Maps provide? Google Maps are very useful. If you refer to what I have said earlier in the second paragraph, I need Google Maps as they are helpful tools to get around. Honestly, I still need a lot of practice on the use of Google Maps.

Task 1b

Honestly, my first blogging experience has its highs and lows. It was kind of troublesome at first as I had to create a google email which requires many steps. As I am new to the learning device, trying to get a picture for Task 1a was quite an obstacle. As the saying goes,"every cloud has a silver lining", I enjoyed blog creation process as it allows me to create a blog according to my preferences. I am really grateful to SST for giving me a whole new way of learning. Thank you, SST! Through this blog experience, I have learned to persevere and overcome obstacles I face. The wonderful result of my perseverance is this blog, my creation. Now all I can say is... Yes, I did it!

Task 1a

"Yes, I did it!" This was how I felt when I received the news that I got into SST. I chose this picture to express my triumphant moment. It was a moment of victory and satisfaction, a moment I will never forget. The important thing now, since I am in SST, is to strive harder and achieve my goals so that I can continue to say,"Yes, I did it!"

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